Angelina Stella Caminitti, 1935

The Caminitti family, like the others, was also from Villa San Giovanni, just north of Regio de Calabria. Caterina Caminitti was the wife of Giacchino Aldore and mother of Johanna, Josephine and Mary.

"Poppy" Caminitti (a brother or nephew?) came to New York.

Angelina Stella Caminitti(?), (a niece?) stayed in Italy and became a nun in the order of the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco. She corresponded with her cousin, Josephine Aldore Barbieri, from whom we have these five pieces.

The picture on the left was dated 7 Giugno 1935

Undated, unlabeled pic.)

Undated, unlabeled.

"Madre Ispetrici"

"from the immense distance which separates us I send this little remembrance to my cousin. Giuseppina. I send this allegory of happiness and long life to silmi to your husband with sincere affection from me your cousin. Angelina Stella"