Resurrection Class of January 1947

Left to right. First row: Unknown, Madeline Zimmermann, Jane Lynch, Joan Curran, Helen Parlow, Fr. Ronaghan, Ann Shea, Mary Reilly, Dorothy Jung, Kathleen O'Sullivan, Margaret O'Neill.

Second Row: Sr. Lucina, Donald Adrian, unknown, Francis Mitchell, Wilamina Perito, Dorothy Courtney, Patricia Kelly, Jennifer O'Neal, Eileen Tietjen, Joseph Leone, John Redmond, Robert Stark, Sr. Catherine Gertrude.

Third Row: Frederick Bennis, Roy Ange, James Brosnan, George Nelson, John Marren, Patricia Winter, Audrey Zurcher, Patricia Hughes, Norman Kelly, Anthony Perone, Robert Bennett, James Horan, Jerome Stillman.

(Courtesy Mary Monsky)

1944 Photo of Classes of January and June 1947

1944 Photo of Classes of January and June 1947

First Row, L to R: Emmet Stark, Buddy Ryan, Jackie Howard**, Frankie Hutter, The Great Johnny "Whitey" Rudden, Billy Fox, Johnny Redmond**, Jerry Stillman**, Tony Perone and good old Eddie Coffey;

Second Row, (All Miss America Contestants!) L to R: Gertrude McCllelan**, Dotty Jung, Joan Curran, Nancy Shea**, Peggy Lynch, Barbara Parlow, Eileen Horan, Catherine O'Keefe, Elizabeth Mulvey. Wilma Perito, Paula Fives;

Third Row, L to R: Ethel or Marlene O'Hagan Twin, Dolores Donnelly, Barbara Schmidt, Zita/LoPoppalo, Eileen Teitgen, Margaret Sullivan, Eileen Hughes, Patricia Sawtell, Audrey Zurcher, Other Twin O'Hagan, Gracemary Blume, Patrica Condron, Mary Elizabeth Anderson;

Top row, L to R: Billy Ryan, George Nelson, Billy Farina, Freddy Bennis, Norman Kelly, Artie Gannon, Eddie Finnegan, Tommy ...., Buster ...., Marren ...., ...???..., Raymond Curtis!!!

(Courtesy John Rudden)

Dear Friends,

I'm typing here overcome by the fact that I remember classmates from 2 classes, B & A, 60 years ago!!! No wonder I went into the Detective Bureau of the NYPD!!! Not one of these good people were ever sought by the NYPD. They were the best! If I have made any mistakes on the ID, please let me know via e-mail ( and if you want to renew our friendship which you should!, please e-mail me forthwith! I have all good memories of all present in the photo! God bless!


Johnny Rudden & Claire, (nee Deery)
May 2004

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